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Friday, 13 April 2007

The Art of Eating - Our Clever Babies

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but thought I'd share!

I have a few times but after dinner at FIL's last night he had a bit of a panic when she shoved a massive peice of lamb in her mouth. Basically what she does is pop it in to slobber on it and moisten it, then she takes it out again to chew once it's softer!

When you think about it, it's really bloody clever for a baby! They're such amazing little things aren't they. Baby Led Weaning has given her this opportunity to learn to eat properly from 6 months and the more she eats the more clever she becomes. She does this with apricots too and has done for as long as I can remember (obviously she didn't to start with)

The whole pincer thing and learning to open their hands to eat whats left of veg stick. She also picks up raisins or sweetcorn with her hand and if she isn't satisfied that she has enough in her hand she holds them in a fist but with her pointer finger and thumb still free to grab another shoves them all in! porker!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

My Text Book Baby

Well I finally managed to get BB weighed at the clinic today. I haven't dare take her since we started Baby Led Weaning as wasn't sure what they'd make of it and didn't want them asking me about weaning until I got into it. Well then I just got out of the habit of going! lol!

Now at 10.5 months I go and get her weighed. TBH I was all geared up and ready to chat baby led weaning with them and it was empty so thought I had my opportunity. However just as I undressed BB some others arrived and started talking. Funnily enough about weaning and I was gonna try help but she looked like she'd deck me if I spoke! lol! She was saying her lo wouldn't even eat mashed up baked beans so I left without a word lol!

Anyway BB is now 21lb 9.5oz still following the 75th perfectly! I was suprised a bit as thought with all her walking and activity she may have dipped a little! no not our BB. They did her length too and she again is following her height just under the 75th perfectly at 73cm. All in proportion then :o)

It did make me realise though how stickler for weight HV's are as because they then titled her "text book" they didn't ask me any other questions, not about how well she feeds/sleeps or anything not even about her eczma until I pointed it out. hmmm oh well. They let me put a business card up on the pin board though. Think I am going to go again next week and chat to them about baby led weaning.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Baby Led Weaning Al Fresco Styleeeeeee

Well I am currently looking after my nephew and my son is also on school holidays so in a bid for some peace and quiet we went to Abington Park! Such a lovely park - t'is one of my favourites!

I actually didn't pack a picnic because I am a wee bit rubbish especially with 2x Hyper 7 year olds!

We stopped in tesco express near the park and I picked up some fruit and sandwiches etc.

BB shared my chicken wrap and had a banana and some babybel. She loved sitting on the blanket with the big boys and it was a lovely day!

I love the fact now it doesn't matter if I haven't packed my baby food, bowls and so on... She can literally eat what we eat! Although trying to get a banana into my 7 year old nephew proved impossible!

BB did try and eat some twigs while we were there but I insisted that they wouldn't taste all that good lol

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Converted to Cloth!

I bought BB some cloth nappies while I was pg off ebay. They were naff and I never used them. After chatting lots to my friends on Cloth Nappy Tree I decided I should just sell the ones I didn't like and buy some new ones! Okay was a little miffed that I bought them off ebay and they now don't let you sell them!!! I didn't know this and listed them. I had about 12 watchers and 1 day to go and then I go the email saying they were taken off! Someone suggested selling them on The Nappy Lady so going to look into that instead.

Anyway my Fuzzi Bunz (from KipsKabin) arrived today and I have washed them and tumble dried and road tested the lavender one! Of course I had to put a matching slide in her hair and take lots of pictures! She wouldn't sit still for a second hence the "lots" of pictures... although she did seem to enjoy it! lol! Now I need to look into some washable wipes for her little tooshie!

Monday, 2 April 2007

Clever BB and her spoon!

Ready Made or Processed "easy food"

Ok so it is sinful, bad, naughty stuff but sometimes you can't always cook from scratch... or it's the end of the month so you have nothing else left til payday!

I spend many a moments stood in tesco reading the content of salt and sugar in any foods I think I may want to give to BB. My top tip if you want to give Malt Loaf is not tesco finest, nor is it soreen and the worst offender was the organic!! The best of all was the tesco value! Would you adam and eve it!

Anyway I don't give her processed food mood or readymade but there are times when needs must so my way of making sure she has as little salt as possible is by checking and comparing labels!

I stumbled across this on netmums today and though you may find it interesting!

Also a link I have on my Babycentre blog re salt and the food standards agency will also help you :o)