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Sunday, 25 March 2007

Only 2 bottles of Milk yesterday!

Well we had a hectic day. We went swimming in the morning all four of us, we were there for ages as it took BB a while to settle into it and then when they were both having fun felt mean to leave!

Anyway this meant she had no morning nap at all! She was asleep when we got back and slept for about an hour and woke up hungry for her lunch. Hummus on toast which she couldn't be bothered to eat and so I gave her a banana (nice and easy) she was just still sooooo tired. After she polished that off she was very grumpy so I ended up putting her back to bed... Where she stayed asleep for 3 hours! This meant she completely missed her 3pm bottle.

To be honest I have been noticing a drop in milk and she is 10 months old today. I was wondering if it would mean she'd be up in the night but she slept right through. Thought she was ready to start dropping the middle bottle (she has 3) I know she was asleep so I shall offer it still if she wants it... she's just growing up boohoo!

She took quite a few steps again... her confidence is gradually building up! very sweet x

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Baby & Toddler Groups???

I only go to one group on a tuesday morning. It's Music Time and BB loves it!

I'm starting to feel the need to do more though. I'm sat at home quite a lot and until the weather gets nicer I can't see me venturing outside much. I tend to hibernate in winter!

Anyway I thought it'd be nice to meet some more mums and then when summer does get here we could go for picnics in the park.... or is that a bit ambitious? Are they really as cliquey as I've heard or is it just being shy that makes people think that?

I have been onto Netmums and got a list of the local groups (very good for local info!)

I have a shortlist of 5 though! 2 are on at the same time on a weds and the other 3 are tues, thurs and fri. I might just do a week of all of them and see what i like best! I may even join 2. Is there a baby group etiquette I should know about?

Gillian McKeith here again... We're talking Poo!

I know, I know, I am obsessed with my daughters bowel movements but they do seem to fascinate me! (especially the multi coloured rainbow ones!)

The last couple of days BB has done a couple of proper logs! I do pity her little bum and her poo face is just excellent! However I'm wondering if it's because she's dropped her milk intake rather a lot recently??

She was having 3 x 8oz bottles then with her teething that dropped to 6oz sometimes as little as 4oz. Then she drank the full 8oz a few times last week (and was sleeping more in the day so i think a growth spurt) but now she has dropped again between 4 and 6oz 3x a day.

She does drink water with meals although a lot is dribbled down her chin. Maybe she's just hitting an age now where she does proper poo?!?!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Crohn Disease linked to early weaning...

Just thought I'd share some info that I have been discussing on a few forums today.

I "met" one lady that had crohn disease and when she was diagnosed she researched it lots (as you would) it is linked to early weaning. She was weaned at 3 weeks by her mum. Ok I know it is excessively early but this is the second time I've heard of the link in the space of a week.

The thing that has now become apparent to me is even when people can say "My 4 year old was weaned at 12 weeks and he's ok" don't really have that as an arguement. This lady actually wasn't diagnosed until her late 20's.

Crohn disease, food allergies and intolerences have become alot more prevalent in the past 50-60 years. This correlates with the timescale that babies have been weaned early. Before the second world war purreed baby foods were impossible to obtain, children could not be weaned until they were old enough to handle chewing.

What really pees me off is the big baby food giants such as heinz are still free to reign on labelling their products "from 4 months" in essence this is covered by the fact it says "from" so it doesn't actually suggest you must wean at 4 months but does in fact give the impression it is fine.

The facts remain that yes not all babies are the same and some MAY be ready to wean at 4 months (but absolutely no way sooner) but for the sake of 8 weeks and the future health of your child are you willing to take the risk and wean early? I know I wasn't so I held out.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against mothers that do wean early ONLY if they make an informed decision. I can't bare the fact that some take it on the basis that their Mother's, mother's, uncle's brother was weaned at 10 weeks and he's ok... It's an uneducated, defensive response in my opinion. But that's just me! so shoot me!

Would be interested in others views? I didn't know about crohn disease link until 4 months into weaning but the more I read the more I'm glad I waited.

Baby Banana's on the move!

Well today my little lady has been walking a fair bit! Ok so it's only been a few steps and max 5 or 6 at a time.

However after recording her wetting herself laughing at her big brother she stood solo turned completely unaided and took a couple of steps!


It's taken me about 2 months to figure out what password and or username I had for this account ggggrrrrr!

Finally back in business! Obviously I still have the website but I like this blog too! lol!