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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Apples are the new Banana

Well BB has decided she'd rather have apples as her mid-mornign snack then bananas! It's so funny because she does actually tell me that she doesn't want what I have offered (ie the banana) and then signs "please" for me to try something else lol! Each time she settles on an apple.

Every so often she'll actually sign "raisins" which is very sweet. Also biscuit, but we're out of the organix ones until I do the shop so I have to tell her they're all gone!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Developing Taste Buds 1 year plus

Has anyone else noticed that their little ones have aquired tastes for spicer, stronger flavoured food as they've got older?

BB has hit 1 year and seems very keen to move onto tastier food. A lot of the first weaning is bland and what you see is what you get kind of thing. However I have noticed her enjoying more flavoured meals recently.

For example, I made chicken fajitas and seperated BB's chicken before adding the spice as it can be quite hot. She did enjoy her wrap and a bit of the chicken but I could see her looking longingly at mine!

I gave her a piece and she wolved it down with many "yam yam" noises and big smiles all round!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Growth Spurt?

I'm wondering if BB is having one as she seems to be hungry! and I mean wobbley, throw herself on the floor hungry!

Yesterday and today she has asked for something to eat sooner than normal after her breakfast and 1 banana isn't satisfying her as a mid morning snack! Today she had Raisin wheat for breakfast, banana and 2 organix biscuits then lunch was a marmite sandwich, half an apple, a babybel and a whole pear and it was earlier than normal! She just isn't stopping today! and now she is asking for more food!