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Monday, 25 June 2007

OMG where did that month go???

Sorry just realised after my last post that it's 25th June. BB is now 13 months old, so scarey how quickly they grow up, and BigBB is 8 years old in 3 weeks!!

She has done so much in the last month too. She now signs "duck" "milk" "sleep" "all gone" and twinkle twinkle little star... she even sounds like she sings it, very cute!!

BB has been trying to use a fork solo but not all that great yet. She will eat it happily when Daddy or I spear something first. Although she does try to spear it herself she hasn't mastered it just yet!

She is really into her books now and I mean for a longer moment then say, erm... 30 seconds! She will sit and flick through pointing and "chatting" away to each picture and page. She "counts" in her counting book, points at each object and makes noises that are very close to 1,2,3 it's hilarious!

Rain Rain Go Away!

Getting most annoyed with the current weather situation! gggrrrr!

I really need to hang BB's nappies out in the sunshine they've been tumbledried so much recently but sunshine is good for the "baby stains" if you know what I mean!

That's it just a little rant from me! haha!

BB and I would like to have some more picnics in the park but at the moment it is a definite no, no.

I can't wait for the summer holidays when BB, BigBB and I can go on picnics and to the seaside! bring it on :o)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Play Theme - Bees, Butterflys & Bugs

On my birthboard a few of us mums decided to start a weekly play theme. Like the babies/toddlers that go to nursery each week we have a theme and then we all add some ideas of fun and activities to do related to the theme.

After swimming this morning I thought I'd have a bash at the handprint butterfly with BB... She loved it! I let her do some freehand splodges too and even managed to try and get some on the mini canvasses we've had since she was born!

We also read incy wincy spider that my best friend got her for her birthday. It has music and pop up pictures of incy and so is a supervised read, otherwise she'd rip it to shreds!

Need to dig out "the very hungry caterpillar"

I don't think my mass killing of ants this week is included pmsl!!

Monday, 4 June 2007

BB Signed!!!! She signed!!!

Oh it was so cute and she's been doing it since!

She can now ask me for milk... she knows the sign and is "milking" it (pun intended!)

She certainly drank more since but it's so cute how could I possibley not give her milk lol!

I am going to try and get a picture but I should imagine it's as easy as it was getting one of her first steps!

Some signing links for anyone interested:
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