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Saturday, 19 May 2007

How Tall is BB? Taller than I thought obviously.....

Well after the first half of the FA Cup Final, BB went upstairs for her nap. Daddy popped to the toilet shortly after and her her chatting away to herself quite happily.... what he didn't realise is what she was really up to!

Turns out she's had a growth spurt.....

Clever BB and Banana

Well we went to a birthday party yesterday and BB ate some party food and had lots of fun. I think she was distracted by the fun to eat much so she was hungry when we got home.

She was having a moan so I signed "eat" to her and she nodded and bounced (this is a yes) as it wasn't quite dinner time, I offered her a organix baby biscuit but she shook her head and moaned! I then pulled a banana out and she nodded again! It was so sweet! So she had a banana. It felt like a great achievement that we were able to communicate about what she wanted, she's so clever!

Proud Mummy :o)

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Baby Signing... it's sinking in...

Well BB and I started signing but we've only had 2 sessions so far! However I have been really signing loads at home the words Milk, Drink, Eat, More just for the basics.

I knew BB understood when I actually said milk because she'd get all impatient and moan for it!I have been signing and saying "milk" for 3 weeks now and today I thought I'd do a little test and just signed it without saying it to see if she'd actually associated the two... and she did! She started bouncing (this is her yes for milk) and headed for the kitchen. I got her bottle and gave it to her smiling my head of!
I bought a fab book from Chelltune that BB loves and it's great for us to practice with. It also reminds me to sign as it's a big book and I can't miss it!

Can't wait for her to sign back to me!!
BB reading her signing book!! lol

Cheese! No thanks!

Well I think it is now apparent that BB may be allergic to cheese! I haven't given it to her for a couple of weeks. In fact the first week wasn't deliberate just needed to go shopping! So when I had gone shopping and gave her philly on toast her face flared right up. It was then obvious at this point that it was the cheese!

This would explain why it seemed like a constant battle! I thought we'd cracked it with tomato and then it started up again!

I haven't given her cheese since and it hasn't flared up on her face since. So that's another to add to our now growing list... Cat hair, washing powder, tomato and cheese!

Now I need to search out some soya stuff I think... Someone told me goats cheese is ok??? Looks like we need to see a dietician as well as a skin specialist really!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Oooooh been spending on Ebay!!

Well I had some cash in my paypal and I have come up with a fab idea (in theory) of something to make for BB!

Now I just need it all to arrive so I can see if it is possible and whether I can make it with my antuque sewing machine pmsl! Then I might tell you more but until then you can sit and wonder!

Quite excited, how sad am i!!!!!

Had to order some more purepotions skin salvation for BB today as the little pot I got ot test out is all gone! think daddy gets a bit slap happy with it. Anyway he used doublebase on her instead until it arrives and her skin has gone horrendous again!!! what do you do? poor little mite! :o(

Thinking of Little Maddy

It is so sad and my sisters and I had a good cry yesterday about poor missing little maddy on her birthday.

We watched the news and people tying yellow ribbons all over the place and it made me sad for her and her family. But what can we do to help? nothing. Nothing I can do will help. I just wish Portugal would up the publicity of it all to make it more in every ones faces. The press over here have covered it massively but why isn't it the same over there? where the girl actually got snatched?

I really do hope she is found alive and well very very soon!

Friday, 11 May 2007

BB "helping" Mummy

Being the lazy so and so I have been today there was a load of freshly washed and tumble-dried (t'is raining outside) nappies on the sofa, sat waiting for me to stuff them and then put them away.
BB decided to "help" and did so for about 20 minutes!! (it's not a 20 minute clip though lol)

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Yummy Breaky and Friends for Lunch!

Well this morning I spotted daddy chopping up dried apricots and adding them to her cereal! Did make me chuckle! BB seemed to enjoy it lots though and was through it in minutes
I had friends over for a play date with the babies and we had a good old play and laugh! It's funny seeing them all sat round the dinner table for lunch! Two in totseats and one in a highchair.
I put on a lovely spread of crackers and cheese and we all had a good nibble!

I have noticed BB's face has gone a bit red since this morning though so now i'm wondering if it's cheese! ficious bloody circle trying to find out what irritates her face! She enjoyed it all the same and I have just applied some of my purepotions skin salvation to her face. Seems to be the best thing for her skin yet! However I did catch the little minx rubbing her chin on a cushion while I wasn't looking! Must be so itchy poor little mite!

Here is a cute picture of her today!... she is growing up so fast!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Appointment to see the Skin Specialist

Well I've not written for a while as have been having lots of problems with Erin's eczema which has gone from bad to worse.

She definitely had a reaction to washing powder but her face is also still reacting to food. I have been keeping a food diary but somedays she'll eat something and it will be fine and then other days it won't so I'm left very confused!

Anyway I went to the doctors and asked for a referral and an allergy test. He pretty much said no to the allergy test as it's like finding a needle in a hay stack!

The annoying thing is in desperation I gave Erin some piriton as her skin was so bad. By the time I got to the doctors on the monday it was 10 x better so as per usual the doctor thinks I'm an overprotective mother gggrrrrrr! Anyway I had to push him for the referal and am now seeing the skin specialist on 13th June which to me is no where near soon enough!
I'm not keeping my hopes up but really do just need someone to help me with some preventative measure rather than just giving me cream.... which incidently doesn't bloody work! I have eventually found some that does off my own back and from help from friends on here. This has calmed it down a lot.

The doctor told me to continue with the piriton at night as it will stop her scratching and give her skin a chance to heal. Trouble is I have been giving it for about 2 or 3 weeks now and on the nights I don't she wakes up screaming and scratching. I really thought after a week or so it would be ok to stop giving it.

It's so heartbreaking and I guess that's why I haven't been about much as people ask you how your baby is and you just want to cry! Dry skin aside Erin looks like a self harmer from her scratching it's awful. I am keeping her nails so short yet she still manages to do it. I tried socks on her hands one night and she went crazy! I think it's made worse byt the lack of support from the health professionals I have received.

So for now I have been sticking to much more basic food. She crys at me when I tell her not to scratch. I just wish my baby's skin was like baby's skin again.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Yummy Pear!!

This weekend I though I'd just give BB a pear as it was.

Not sure what made me feel like it but I did and she loved it. We'd had a BBQ and some friends round and all the kids saw BB enjoying her pear so much that they all wanted one! it was funny!

The pear was nice and ripe and it kept her entertained for ages!

the best thing is they don't have a massive core so it didn't matter that she ate from the bottom up. No more chopping up pears in this house!

Need to Catch up!

Well I have a lot of catching up to do! Been manic and had a few problems with BB to sort out etc so unfortunately the blog took a back burner.