Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a dad.

Monday, 11 December 2006

Nectarine Suprise!

Well, as DF and I had a work's Crimbo Party to attend to on saturday night I put some nectarine slices and butternut squash sticks in a tub for BB's dinner.

My Sis said she did well but she fished out the skin for her. She got in a proper orange mess too. I was quite worried that she might just "help" BB eat rather than leave her to it but she was fine.

The suprise part was about half an hour later. Apparently BB had been playing and chatting away with her toys when my sister noticed her chewing something... she panicked a wee bit then realised on closer inspection it was a piece of nectarine BB had harvested in her check for later!

Anyone else's little one doing their best hamster impression or is mine officially bonkers?

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Green Beans & Sweet Potato

Well Probably the messiest most enjoyed meal yet! lol!
yummy roast sweet potato sticks and green beans.

I did cook a butternut squash at the same time but it wasn't ready so we have that tonight!

BB was having a right munch on them, she even tried holding her cup herself and smothered it in sweet potato
in the process!

I must order a new highchair as DS's one from 7 years ago just isn't up to BLW she ends up with it all in her lap!

Monday, 4 December 2006

Cheesey Spinach Pasta

Well seeing as I have started to get a little bit more adventurous, thought I would introduce a second meal today. BB had lunch and dinner today... she nearly whisked her lunch off the table when i first put her in the highchair little madam! Think thats a sure fire sign she was ready for a second meal!

For dinner I actually made my own cheese sauce! Made a cheesey pasta with spinach, celery and sweetcorn. BB amazing managed to pick it up and eat it really well. Think its because it was a thickish sauce so not too slippery! As expected she wolfed it down. Even has some spare so will freeze it for another day.

Now I really need her to learn how to hold her own beaker and tip it up as i keep having to do it mid dinner! lol... any tips?

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Roast Chicken - 1st taste of meat!!

Well, it's great she loved it but I am getting rather concerned at how much she wants to stuff in her face in one go!

BB had potato, chicken and carrot & broccoli hanging out of her mouth and just kept ramming it in! DF was getting rather worried! It's not like we starve her first because she had 8oz of milk at 4 and we ate around 6-6.30. She is getting better at eating more than she throws on the floor but she is harvesting it and saving it in her cheeks like a little hamster!

Her first taste of meat went down well though and she munched up all her chicken.... getting her prepared for christmas dinner! hehe!

Anyone else find sometimes their little one just can't shove it in quick enough? she doesn't chew for ages just fills her cheeks! DF makes me take the food out of her hand when they're full so she swallows some more... it this contradicting BLW though or am I ok intervening? think i shall research that a bit more!

Friday, 1 December 2006

Melon & Cheese

OK I am the first to admit... bit of a strange combo! Well as i was looking in the fridge because i wasn't quite brave enough to give her out spag bol! I noticed the melon and DF was grating cheese for us.

Also gave BB some bread soldiers. Thought i'd test the water with some dairy and a stronger taste with the cheese. My little miss piggy couldn't actually stuff it in her face quick enough! most amusing. DF keeps saying quick quick take it off her (we ate late so she was probably hungry!whoops) but BB just opened her mouth and spat some out. I calmly pointed out she'd learn! lol!

Family Values

Don't want to sound like an old prude or anything but I feel like I am in the minority when I say we eat as a family at the dinner table.

Even before we started BLW, if BB was awake we would sit her at the table with us in her highchair with a toy.

I think it's extremely important to have the whole family sat at the table to eat dinner. It's the one time in the day when we can all sit and talk about our days etc. That's another reason why BLW is so great because we can all eat at the same time... no spooning feeding the baby then eating my dinner. It's fab for BB too as she can learn how to eat by watching us and copying what we do. Also good for social skills.

I also know of some families that cook for the children and then cook again later for the parents everyday. I pleased DS eats whatever we do, no special "kids meals" it means we all sit together. Occassionally DF and I eat alone for some quality time but that's a different thing but mostly if we want quality time we get a babysitter!

Am I the only 21st century mum that still feel likes this? would be interested to know your views too so leave a comment if you will!!!

Roasted Sweet Potato & Red Pepper

Still haven't plucked up the courage to give BB some proper dinner as yet such as pasta's or meat.

She had red pepper and sweet potato for her new tastes recently. Also had some broccoli as thats what we all had with our chicken! She tried the sweet potato and red pepper but was mostly interested in the "little trees" (that's broccoli to you and me) Think that may be BB's favourite so far!

Have avoided pear for a while! lol

She is definitely getting much better at actually eating it. Don't forget it is a slow process and it important not to force them or "help" by putting it in their mouths... when they're ready they learn and can do it themselves. We're certainly getting less gagging and when we do just just has another chew and tries swallowing again!