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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Chatty Little Madam

Since BB's speech is coming along a bit I thought I'd list her words (well the ones I can remember!)

Thank you
There it is

OK So now I have a blank moment so may have to edit with more :o)

Edit: I have remembered some more:

All gone
Manma (Grandma)
One, Two, Three
Choo choo
Uh Oh

Monday, 13 August 2007

More Meat

BB has never been overly interested in meat. However, recently I have noticed she eats it a lot more than she used. Thing is I couldn't tell you when she started eating more of it lol! She has had a lot of new teeth in the last couple of months and maybe this has coincided with the fact she will eat more meats, more often.

I guess this fits in well with the BLW theory of how babies will eat when they are physically, developmentally ready, maybe now she has more gnashers she can manage a roast chicken breast more.

She did used to moisten her lamb or pork for a bit in her mouth and then take it out and chew it again, I suppose sometimes this may have been too much effort when she was hungry!

Yesterday, she appeared to start to get bored of her dinner. She's very keen on using forks or spoons though and was trying. In the end we decided to break the chicken up smaller and then she was able to spear and eat it really easy. She wolfed it down. I think this time instead of going off the meat she was probably uncomfortable (teething again) so little bite sizes were easier for her.