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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Crohn Disease linked to early weaning...

Just thought I'd share some info that I have been discussing on a few forums today.

I "met" one lady that had crohn disease and when she was diagnosed she researched it lots (as you would) it is linked to early weaning. She was weaned at 3 weeks by her mum. Ok I know it is excessively early but this is the second time I've heard of the link in the space of a week.

The thing that has now become apparent to me is even when people can say "My 4 year old was weaned at 12 weeks and he's ok" don't really have that as an arguement. This lady actually wasn't diagnosed until her late 20's.

Crohn disease, food allergies and intolerences have become alot more prevalent in the past 50-60 years. This correlates with the timescale that babies have been weaned early. Before the second world war purreed baby foods were impossible to obtain, children could not be weaned until they were old enough to handle chewing.

What really pees me off is the big baby food giants such as heinz are still free to reign on labelling their products "from 4 months" in essence this is covered by the fact it says "from" so it doesn't actually suggest you must wean at 4 months but does in fact give the impression it is fine.

The facts remain that yes not all babies are the same and some MAY be ready to wean at 4 months (but absolutely no way sooner) but for the sake of 8 weeks and the future health of your child are you willing to take the risk and wean early? I know I wasn't so I held out.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against mothers that do wean early ONLY if they make an informed decision. I can't bare the fact that some take it on the basis that their Mother's, mother's, uncle's brother was weaned at 10 weeks and he's ok... It's an uneducated, defensive response in my opinion. But that's just me! so shoot me!

Would be interested in others views? I didn't know about crohn disease link until 4 months into weaning but the more I read the more I'm glad I waited.


Billy's Mummy said...

I've posted a link on my blog about this post as feel very strongly about it! Never looked in to this issue. When I was 12yrs old I was diagnosed with IBS but they originally thought it could be something worse, don’t get me wrong I am not unwell and it very rarely affects me. But when talking to my Mum about weaning turns out she started me on baby rice at 12weeks, which she thought was ok. No criticism to my Mum but it makes me wonder if that could be the cause of my IBS. Also I started weaning early due to pressure from people around me to start at 4months and we know the result to that William was ill loads and now won’t eat anything from a spoon! Sorry to rant!

Hannah Banana said...

Don't be sorry! It's great to here other people's views that's why I wrote it!

That's the thing you see, lack of knowledge... wasn't your mums fault they were told to wean by HV's that early. What upsets me the most is some still are!!

Billy's Mummy said...

To be honest my HV sent out the practice nursery nurse to do weaning visit and she did tell me 6months, but everyone around me had started at 4months, so I ignored her advice. Bad I know! But since I’ve been giving everyone the pearls of my wisdom, including the Mums waiting to get their babies weighed at clinic, think my HV hates me - care! But the practice nursery nurse thinks it great and at baby group I attend, she's always asking me for food ideas for her visits. She's even invited Mum's to baby group who are struggling with weaning to talk to me, so it may be small but the message is getting out!

hilly said...

i had never heard of this either. i was always going to wait 'til 6 months becuase of the athsma/eczema in the family, but there is IBS in the family too so i'm even happier about waiting.
i think i'll link this to my blog too if that's ok?

Hannah Banana said...

That's fine Hilly.

It's become a subject of high interest to me at the moment :o)

islelassie said...

Fashions is weaning of babies changes every few years. My children are now in their 40s, and I also have grandchildren ranging from 3 months to 22 years. Advice from introducing solids by 4 weeks to waiting until 6 months was hailed as medically supported and right at the time it was given. Now we are told that this advice was wrong. How do we know today's advice won't be seen as equally wrong in 5/10/20 years time? Most babies will let you know when they need something other than milk and for some it will come sooner than others. Mothers need to listen to their babies not which ever weaning Guru is riding high at any particular time!

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