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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Tactics for Waking Daddy

Yesterday morning made me laugh quite a lot... although I was tired and trying to sleep BB was hilarious. Completely without encouragement from me she resorted to the most tactics yet to get James out of bed!

They started with "Daddy Wake" which is her normal one.

"Daddy Teeth" she gets up with him in the week and they brush their teeth before anything else.

This then progressed to "knock knock daddy" whilst knocking on his head as if to see if anyone was in! lol!

"Tickle, tickle, daddy's feet"

Then she decided to grab his clothes and stuff them in his faces "Daddy clothes" as in get dressed you lazy git!

This continued until Mummy got up!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Been a while, thought I'd catch up!!

Well, not sure where to start! In 5 days time my little baby will be a fully fledged 18 month old and I have no idea where the time has been going! She's such a funny little character and most definitely has daddy wrapped right round her little finger. She is extremely affectionate at the moment, especially with her big brother which is just lovely.

Her speech is developing every day and she has learnt a couple of new signs but we kind of stick with the same ones. Her latest sign is "Sorry" which is very cute!

Still feeding as good as ever. She sometimes has her moments if her teeth are particularly bad but this little lady loves her food!! I can't believe what a tidy eater she is now too. She uses cutlery fantastically and seems to understand there's a lot less waste if she eats smaller spoonfulls so she is quite dainty! However watching her eat yoghurt is hilarious!! She eats it beautifully all the way until the last couple of spoons she hasn't a drop of it anywhere but her mouth. She struggles with the last bit so lobs the spoon and gets her hands in! very funny!!

We've even started to introduce tomato based meals again, like spag bol. Now she is tidier at eating less gets spread on her face and it doesn't flare her eczema anymore.

We made some christmas cards the other week and she got right into it! really concentrating. Can't believe christmas is so close now! Will make sure I post some more christmas dinner photos!! She LOVED it last year!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Chatty Little Madam

Since BB's speech is coming along a bit I thought I'd list her words (well the ones I can remember!)

Thank you
There it is

OK So now I have a blank moment so may have to edit with more :o)

Edit: I have remembered some more:

All gone
Manma (Grandma)
One, Two, Three
Choo choo
Uh Oh

Monday, 13 August 2007

More Meat

BB has never been overly interested in meat. However, recently I have noticed she eats it a lot more than she used. Thing is I couldn't tell you when she started eating more of it lol! She has had a lot of new teeth in the last couple of months and maybe this has coincided with the fact she will eat more meats, more often.

I guess this fits in well with the BLW theory of how babies will eat when they are physically, developmentally ready, maybe now she has more gnashers she can manage a roast chicken breast more.

She did used to moisten her lamb or pork for a bit in her mouth and then take it out and chew it again, I suppose sometimes this may have been too much effort when she was hungry!

Yesterday, she appeared to start to get bored of her dinner. She's very keen on using forks or spoons though and was trying. In the end we decided to break the chicken up smaller and then she was able to spear and eat it really easy. She wolfed it down. I think this time instead of going off the meat she was probably uncomfortable (teething again) so little bite sizes were easier for her.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Apples are the new Banana

Well BB has decided she'd rather have apples as her mid-mornign snack then bananas! It's so funny because she does actually tell me that she doesn't want what I have offered (ie the banana) and then signs "please" for me to try something else lol! Each time she settles on an apple.

Every so often she'll actually sign "raisins" which is very sweet. Also biscuit, but we're out of the organix ones until I do the shop so I have to tell her they're all gone!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Developing Taste Buds 1 year plus

Has anyone else noticed that their little ones have aquired tastes for spicer, stronger flavoured food as they've got older?

BB has hit 1 year and seems very keen to move onto tastier food. A lot of the first weaning is bland and what you see is what you get kind of thing. However I have noticed her enjoying more flavoured meals recently.

For example, I made chicken fajitas and seperated BB's chicken before adding the spice as it can be quite hot. She did enjoy her wrap and a bit of the chicken but I could see her looking longingly at mine!

I gave her a piece and she wolved it down with many "yam yam" noises and big smiles all round!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Growth Spurt?

I'm wondering if BB is having one as she seems to be hungry! and I mean wobbley, throw herself on the floor hungry!

Yesterday and today she has asked for something to eat sooner than normal after her breakfast and 1 banana isn't satisfying her as a mid morning snack! Today she had Raisin wheat for breakfast, banana and 2 organix biscuits then lunch was a marmite sandwich, half an apple, a babybel and a whole pear and it was earlier than normal! She just isn't stopping today! and now she is asking for more food!

Monday, 25 June 2007

OMG where did that month go???

Sorry just realised after my last post that it's 25th June. BB is now 13 months old, so scarey how quickly they grow up, and BigBB is 8 years old in 3 weeks!!

She has done so much in the last month too. She now signs "duck" "milk" "sleep" "all gone" and twinkle twinkle little star... she even sounds like she sings it, very cute!!

BB has been trying to use a fork solo but not all that great yet. She will eat it happily when Daddy or I spear something first. Although she does try to spear it herself she hasn't mastered it just yet!

She is really into her books now and I mean for a longer moment then say, erm... 30 seconds! She will sit and flick through pointing and "chatting" away to each picture and page. She "counts" in her counting book, points at each object and makes noises that are very close to 1,2,3 it's hilarious!

Rain Rain Go Away!

Getting most annoyed with the current weather situation! gggrrrr!

I really need to hang BB's nappies out in the sunshine they've been tumbledried so much recently but sunshine is good for the "baby stains" if you know what I mean!

That's it just a little rant from me! haha!

BB and I would like to have some more picnics in the park but at the moment it is a definite no, no.

I can't wait for the summer holidays when BB, BigBB and I can go on picnics and to the seaside! bring it on :o)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Play Theme - Bees, Butterflys & Bugs

On my birthboard a few of us mums decided to start a weekly play theme. Like the babies/toddlers that go to nursery each week we have a theme and then we all add some ideas of fun and activities to do related to the theme.

After swimming this morning I thought I'd have a bash at the handprint butterfly with BB... She loved it! I let her do some freehand splodges too and even managed to try and get some on the mini canvasses we've had since she was born!

We also read incy wincy spider that my best friend got her for her birthday. It has music and pop up pictures of incy and so is a supervised read, otherwise she'd rip it to shreds!

Need to dig out "the very hungry caterpillar"

I don't think my mass killing of ants this week is included pmsl!!