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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Play Theme - Bees, Butterflys & Bugs

On my birthboard a few of us mums decided to start a weekly play theme. Like the babies/toddlers that go to nursery each week we have a theme and then we all add some ideas of fun and activities to do related to the theme.

After swimming this morning I thought I'd have a bash at the handprint butterfly with BB... She loved it! I let her do some freehand splodges too and even managed to try and get some on the mini canvasses we've had since she was born!

We also read incy wincy spider that my best friend got her for her birthday. It has music and pop up pictures of incy and so is a supervised read, otherwise she'd rip it to shreds!

Need to dig out "the very hungry caterpillar"

I don't think my mass killing of ants this week is included pmsl!!


Michelle said...

Incy Wincy?! You need a puppet now, LOL


its nice...