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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Developing Taste Buds 1 year plus

Has anyone else noticed that their little ones have aquired tastes for spicer, stronger flavoured food as they've got older?

BB has hit 1 year and seems very keen to move onto tastier food. A lot of the first weaning is bland and what you see is what you get kind of thing. However I have noticed her enjoying more flavoured meals recently.

For example, I made chicken fajitas and seperated BB's chicken before adding the spice as it can be quite hot. She did enjoy her wrap and a bit of the chicken but I could see her looking longingly at mine!

I gave her a piece and she wolved it down with many "yam yam" noises and big smiles all round!


Lesley said...

We had cajun chicken the other night and Naomi really enjoyed it. She gives you this big grin with an orgasmic expression - honest! - and lots of yum yums. She is also beginning to try chilli.

Hannah Banana said...

Well that's a good thing! I know how much you love your mincey/tomato dishes! I've not tried tomato again yet since it sent BB's face off real bad.

zooarchaeologist said...

I havent tried chilli but 8 month old sammy loves brussel sprouts and tofu curry!

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